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The road to Schoonhuid


A journey of discovery

We meet people daily, some become friends’ others remain acquaintances, but most are just fly by strangers we never think about again. Each one of them has a story and a journey they are on even if they are not aware of the role destiny plays in each of our lives.

I firmly believe in Destiny or Fate, call it what you want. I believe that is what makes us human. I also have a story, a story that started very late in my life.

For years I just existed, I existed between getting up in the morning, working and going to bed at night. I was happy with the life I had but Destiny had other plans for me. In my early 30’s I experienced my first great sadness. A sadness that ultimately paved the way for me to go on my journey of discovering who I am.



The long walk to acceptance

The “sadness” I experienced is a story for another day, but that impact it had on my life put me on the road to acceptance in the most insane, colourful and mostly “let’s not tell everybody about that” journey of self-discovery.

I lost 60kg, I had to deal with the realization that my sexual preference is mostly frowned upon in society and I learned to say a lot of goodbyes. I was searching for this idyllic “Hollywood” ending and a happily ever after love story.

It took me 4 years, with 100’s of life lessons learned along the way, that what I’m actually searching for was not love from a partner but self-love and the understanding of self-care from myself.

I’m a classical trained chef and cooked for many years in professional kitchens; as my responsibility become more I started to run professional kitchens and that eventually evolved into becoming a Household Coordinator for a wealthy American family. In 2020 when Covid had the world on her knees, I decided to do leave behind a life of lonely luxury and do a complete 180 degree career change.

The worst possible time to leave a comfortable job with no idea what I will do next, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life; May 2020 the concept of Schoonhuid was born.


bath products


The heart behind Schoonhuid

Remember I said I believe in Destiny / Fate, well Destiny directed me to Fond Studio and I met Chané. I told her my whole life story and said I have this crazy idea to tell my story with bath, body and skin care products.

We developed SCHOONHUID around this journey of discovering oneself, using my story as inspiration to inspire and motivate people to go on a path of self-discovery, self-love and self-care.

Acceptance is a big part of my story and we created SCHOONHUID to celebrate and enhance true beauty from within and not the kind of  beauty that society tell us beauty is. I truly found what natural beauty (SCHOONHUID) means and I want people to fully embrace and celebrate it.

When I launched in October 2020 I never thought that I would start an awakening of discovering one’s own self-love and self-care through handmade bath & body products, not only enhancing outer beauty but also celebrating who we are from within.

All the SCHOONHUID collections are developed and created around my memories, my journey and  my acceptance of myself and the proudest part of it all is that I daily inspire and empower people to celebrate who they are by embracing their own uniqueness.

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